April 7, 2020

One Month with Ember

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Today marks exactly one month since Em arrived in Texas! Boy has in been a longggg month!

Less than a week after we picked Ember up from the Airport all school across the state had been shut down, the Houston Rodeo cancelled and grocery store shelf’s cleared! I’m so thankful that she got here when she did! She has supplied us with quarantine entertainment! We didn’t plan on getting a puppy and going into quarantine but I 100% recommend it! 

Over the past month Em has learned sit, lay down, and is working on shake. She’s 99% potty trained and knows to go to the door when she needs to go! She has about doubled in size and at 12 weeks old is bigger than Gracie who weighs around 25 lbs. She is also tall enough to jump on the couch all by herself! Ember has also outgrown her puppy collar and is on to the one I originally picked out for her! (It’s pink and leopard of course!)

Em has also been working on her manners. She likes to talk back, bite hands and gets uncontrollably excited when you say, “Yay! Good girl!” She sits and waits for her food and won’t touch her bowl till given the ok!

Her and Duke are best friends, but she’s still trying to charm her way into Grace’s heart.

Jonny and I couldn’t have picked a better puppy for our family and we can’t wait to watch her grow!🐶🖤

Ember has her first vet appointment tomorrow! We can’t wait to see how much she weighs! It’s going to be a big day!

To see read more about how we got Ember click here or if you want to know how her first week went you can read that here!

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