March 13, 2020

Our New Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy- Ember

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We got a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy!

Ever since my freshman year of college I have wanted a Bernese mountain dog. I have done research and have had a list of good breeders bookmarked on my computer for YEARS! If you have read my posts on HOW I GOT HERE: Part 2 you know I grew up with Saint Bernards and was used to large breed dogs. However, for the past 8 years the timing never seemed right to get my Berner. I’ve had Grace since high school and she moved with me to my apartment. However, with her AND a cat that I didn’t plan on getting I was not allowed to have another pet. I lived in that apartment throughout college and promptly moved in with Jonny and (still on university property) and I never had the chance to get my dream puppy.

I have know for the past 8 years that the next dog I got would be a Bernese mountain dog. And when I met Jonny I was reassured of that. 

One day before me and Jonny had even become officially boyfriend and girlfriend we were sitting with some friends talking about dogs and he, out of nowhere, says his dream dog is a Bernese Mountain dog. I think my jaw hit the floor and I knew I was going to marry him 😂.

Now that we have finally moved into our own house we finally had the opportunity to get our puppy! We contacted a breeder that had a 2 week old litter of puppies, put in our deposit and the rest is history! 

I had 3 names picked out and Ember ultimately won out! She arrived in Houston late at night on Saturday March 7th after a long day of travel from a small town near Boise, Idaho and we haven’t slept since! 🙃🐶🖤

Stay tuned for frequent updates and the cutest pictures!

Duke and Grace got to be part on the announcement!

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