March 16, 2020

Ember’s First Week Home

Posted in: Life

Em, our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy has been here for 1 week officially! We are completely adoring her and love seeing her grow day by day.🖤

But y’all I’m not gonna lie the first few days were HARD! We had to figure out her schedule and her ours. We wined and had a few accidents in our kennel over night and the bags under my eyes were real.👀 

But we quickly adapted and she is already making it without having an accident in her kennel at night and we are making sure we get up for her 4am potty time! During the day she is already going to the door to potty! 

This week she has learned her name, how to sit, and that we shouldn’t mess with grumpy grace 😂. She loves all of her toys and attacking her new brother, Duke. She is very vocal when he won’t play and tackles him regularly. There’s also LOTS of naps around here!

Ember has also gotten to met new people and family and someone at Home Depot even thought Em was a stuffed animal I was carrying around 😂

Overall she has seamlessly joined our family and we don’t know what life was before our little mountain dog 💕🐶

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