I never thought I would be a photographer, or business owner, but when I realized I could take one of my favorite things to do and turn it into my career I never looked back.

First things first! I LOVE animals, I actually graduated college (Go Texas State Bobcats!) with a degree in Animal Science and spent a year teaching high school agriculture! During that same year I really felt called to do something else. You guessed it, Photography! 

Photography was already a passion of mine I had practiced countless hours on my faithful models you see below (the fur babies), and even had friends asking me to take their graduation photos because they loved my work.

I finally realized this was my gift and now love capturing all those special life moments for others and bringing joy to my clients faces!

When I'm not behind the camera you can find me cuddled up watching my latest Netflix obsession with my husband and furry children, outside somewhere, or (and this one is more likely) at Chick-fil-a!



Recently promoted from my lovely assistant to trusty second shooter. Jonny and I met in the Agriculture Department at Texas State.

In the spring of 2016, even though I was an Animal Science major I had to take an introduction to Agriculture Mechanics course. In that class we had to learn how to weld. Well guess who snagged the booth right behind mine and ended up teaching me and inevitably asking me to weld my phone number on a metal plate for him- Jonny.

We got married and moved to Conroe in 2019. Jonny now works as a high school Agriculture/ Welding teacher. On weekends, when he's not at Livestock shows or contests with his students, he is the official AKP second shooter!




-the official AKP mascot.
-the golden child.
-Ashley's baby


-the needy one
-thinks toys are life
-Jonny's pride & joy


- the emotional one
-bear cub
-big baby, cuddle bug

Storm Kitty

-the moody one
-highly demanding
-grace's sidekick

Sounds healthy, right?

i could live off of cake.

Can you tell?

i love, love, love, animals.

I even served it at my wedding and had a chick-fil-a sauce fountain!

i'm obsessed with chick-fil-a.