October 7, 2019

How I Got Here: Part 2

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So lets rewind here a second. If I never wanted to be a photographer, and lets be honest cheerleading wasn’t going to get me far; what was my plan? Well remember that tid-bit about my mom being a petsitter, and that I was always raised with X number of dogs around. Well boy did that rub off on me. I was animal obsessed (and obsessed is an understatement). I grew up with animals. From before I could walk I was playing with our dogs on the floor on my baby blanket, in pre-k I came home and taught my dogs their vowels on my magna doodle. I took the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds as my reading book in elementary school. By the time I was in intermediate school we had three Saint Bernards and I was showing them in 4-H, and in high school I finally got my very own dog that I eventually took to college with me (I still have her and will brag on her more later).

With my love of animals I knew I had to have a career that involved being around them. I started college with the intent of majoring in wildlife biology, and even though that’s not what I stuck with I switched right on over to animal science. I graduated with a bachelors of science in agriculture with a focus in animal science and even though I loved my college classes I had no idea what kind of career field I was going to go into. The college doesn’t tell you when you are paying them that there are not a lot of jobs in your field.

Teaching Jack his vowels.
Back in the dog showing days.

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