April 11, 2020

Gracie Turns Ten!

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By now you should know that Grace is my dog.🐶 She is my absolute heart and sole! 💕Yesterday Gracie turned ten years old! 🧁Where does the time go?!

This momentous occasion even called for a double post on my Instagram! 🙃And for turning the big 1-O I’m also telling Grace’s WHOLE story here!

Let’s start at the beginning! I have ALWAYS wanted own dog. We had always had dogs growing up, but I was the kid who wanted my OWN puppy and every year I hoped there would be one sitting under the Christmas tree for me. That never happened.

It all started in early 2010 I had gone to the animal shelter to help pick a dog for my grandfather. We, my aunt, my cousin, my mom, and myself, adopted Samantha for him. Long story short it didn’t work out. When he didn’t want her I really did, but so did my aunt and they ended up keeping her! 

(You can see some recent pictures of Sam when she stayed at my mom’s boarding facility, Lazy Paws Dog Ranch, here! She’s the chunky brown one!)

Anyway this triggered something in me and I started my Petfinder search for my own dog! Keep in mind I was only 15 at the time! After searching for hours and days upon days I came across Grace. She is not at all what I was looking for as my search history mainly showed little fluffy Shih Tzus. Nevertheless, I feel in love instantly. 

I found out Gracie, then Honey, was going to be at an adoption event near my house that coming Saturday. So I got my mom on board; my dad not so much… I don’t think he talked to me for a month. But my mom took me to the event and I adopted my Grace! 

Since then we have been inseparable and my first year of college, when I had to live in a dorm, was excruciating. I’m not going to lie I came home almost every weekend to see my dog.

When I got Grace from Houston Cocker Spaniel Rescue they did give me alittle bit of background. Grace had been originally owned by a family that lived South of Houston. They knew that her mom was a Cavalier King Charles. They turned Grace into a shelter after only having her a few weeks because they supposably couldn’t handle her. The shelter called the rescue and the rest you read above! I’m not sure what her first family did, or more likely didn’t do for Grace because when I got her she had little bald spots on her elbows and the bottoms of her ears where bald and the skin was so dry and cracked! But I got her all fixed up!

Grace is the best dog I could have ever asked for. She does anything I ask her to and I swear knows EVERYTHING I say. She has been to countless high school (sorry mom!) and college parties with me, she hikes and goes to the river with me, me and Jonny’s first date was taking our dogs swimming, and I attribute Ashley Kate Photography to her.
She’s there for me in the good times and the bad and has been in my life for all of my big milestones! She has seen me get my drivers license, graduate from high school and college, go through the teaching program, turn 18, turn 21, was there for my first date with my husband, made an appearance at my proposal, stood by me at my wedding, and has seen everything in-between!

Other things to know about Grace:
She HATES puppies, but learns to love them as they get older😒
She’s about the only dog Storm Kitty puts up with🐱
She does have seizures from time to time😔
She has a rescue me and my mom have named partially after her🐶
She demands a walk. Everyday. 🚶‍♂️
She LOVES food do NOT ask her is she’s hungry. She always is.🦴 
Her favorite spot is on the back of the couch 🛋 
She never fails to sound the alarm for intruders or cows 😂
Her hair is full of secrets (especially mine 😳)
She’s been attacked before and I almost died. 😭
She had a fat phase. I still make fun of her for it!😆
She’s obsessed with Goldfish and Chick-fil-a 🐮
She prefers rivers, lakes, ponds, the ocean, over pools. Don’t ask me why🤷‍♀️🌊
She sleeps on my pillow every night and has since the day I brought her home 😴 I call her my munchies, my precious angel baby, grace face, little B* 😂
She’s very sensitive but also a sass queen👑 

Basically she prefect and so many things in my life have happened because of her!
Here’s to many more birthdays and milestones with my Grace! 💕🐶🧁

The first day I brought her home. April 10, 2010
Me and Grace before my Jr. Homecoming Dance
Going with me on every adventure
Glamor shot
Making me FALL in love with Photography
Bluebonnet Pictures. Every. Year.
Whats better than a Puppy Milk Bath?

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