October 11, 2019

How I Got Here: Part 3

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The story continues. It was my last year of school and I was freaking out. What was I going to do when I graduated? I had come to the conclusion that I was going to graduate and go for 18 months to The Vet Tech Institute of Houston, or so I thought. Livestock Evaluation was the class that ultimately changed the course of my life. It was a class I was taking my last semester of college (It actually happened to be the last final and everything of my undergrad). In this class they basically taught livestock judging, all my FFA people out there you know exactly what I’m talking about. For yall that don’t know, it was a class that taught you how to judge and place livestock according to either breeding or market (meat) characteristics. The point is that in order to get hands on learning and judge actual animals we would go to a lot of high schools and look at students show animals and judge them. To keep this short (ish) I basically fell in love with the idea of becoming an agriculture science teacher. You got (mostly) a teachers schedule AND still got to have animals involved. I had also thought many other times that I had wanted to become a teacher but had NEVER told anyone.

Graduation was quickly approaching and two very key things were about to happen here (I literally did not even realize this until writing this). I graduated in December, and I was supposed to start at the Vet Tech Institute in January. The first thing that happened, I decided, with some thought, but very quickly that I was going to do this whole teacher thing! So I was no longer going the vet tech route. I don’t even really like blood so I’m not sure what I was even thinking there. I was now going to stay at school, graduate, and go back for a post-baccalaureate teaching certification. Secondly, SENIOR PICTURES! I was still graduating I still needed my college senior pictures done. And I bet yall can guess who took them. Good ol’ mom with her trusty camera! Don’t worry she had upgraded from the good film days back when I was in elementary school. But yes mom came up to the Texas hill country and took my senior photos. Buttttt I kept her camera downloaded and edited my own photos. Well while the camera was staying with me I decided to use it a little bit! I quickly became addicted and took the cutest pictures of my dog at my college apartment. It had been years since I had picked up a real camera (iphone pictures for the win), and knew I immediately loved this new hobby and needed my own (remember I graduated in December so this was in November that we took my senior photos). I decided to ask for my own camera that Christmas!!!

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