October 14, 2019

How I Got Here: Part 4

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Ok! Last part of my How I Got Here story I promise! So let’s fast forward, I was now in the middle of my teaching certification program, and had been steadily taking pictures of whatever I could, mostly my dogs (plural because I had my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) dog too now). So what does every animal obsessed person with a dog do now days? Well you make your dogs an Instagram account! It was through my “dog pictures” that I actually got hired to photograph a small livestock show the CFFA (collegiate FFA) put on. I thought that was pretty neat and then I had a few friends who asked me to take their senior pictures so I thought that was cool too. But the only reason I was still a this school was to get my teaching certification and become an agriculture teacher. Even though I had been hired for my photography I had still never thought of becoming a photographer.

To wrap this up. I got my teacher certification. I taught high school agriculture and was an FFA advisor. I hated it. Some people asked me to try another school and maybe I would like it, others think it sounds so fun and don’t know why I didn’t like it, others do it and LOVE IT. I’m going to tell y’all it’s not my thing. I hated the staff meetings, the long hours (my school got out super late), I missed my dogs, I hated feeling trapped in my classroom like a bug in a bug box. I knew my first year a month into it that it wasn’t for me. I was miserable. It was in this month that me and my boyfriend (now husband) had to work some things out. I begged to be a stay at home dog mom, but we both knew that I had to work, had to do something. He told me to find something I loved but, since he was still in school I was going to have to make it through the school year. Guys. It hit me like a ton of rocks. I told y’all I had never even THOUGHT of becoming a photographer before. When the idea finally popped into my head I was so excited and also baffled at my self for literally NEVER EVEN THINKING it before I was all in. During my lunch break, conference, after school, between stock show and CDE season for FFA I took online photography classes and business courses. I created a business name and had my first logo by the end of September.

So now here I am! Trying to work through this whole business creating thing myself and although it’s been hard I have loved every minute of it! I’ve had so much support. From my clients I already have to my friends and family, I couldn’t do it without them. And what’s better than having an office where your dogs are always at your feet!

Enjoy some of my first pictures I took of the dogs and friends while I was still in college! And my first logo!

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