August 3, 2020

Samantha’s Rustic Bridal Session

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Samanthas Bridal Session was finally happening! It had been postponed twice due to weather! Which we might have been overly cautious about, but we were not getting that dress dirty before the big day!

Speaking of not getting the dress dirty. I have so laugh at Sam alittle bit! She showed up with a sheet with leg holes cut in it to hold up her dress as we walked around the park. At first I thought this was a genius idea! However, Sam cut the leg holes WAY too big for her legs! The dress was poking through everywhere! In the end we just ended up picking up her train, but the sheet was too funny!

Sam wanted a country vibe for her bridals and so we chose a location with a barn and some old house! I’m not going to lie. I was obsessed with the little houses! They were teal and white! My favorite colors! Samantha was equally as excited when she saw them! As a bonus they match my brand!

The images from this bridal session turned out STUNNING! But when your bride looks like a model how could they not! And THE DRESS. The beaded detail was to die for! I’m not exaggerating! I’m so excited that I can now share the images to the world!

Samantha you made for the most BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!

Click here to see Samantha and Skylers Wedding Day!

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