July 29, 2020

Vanessa & Tim’s Waterway Engagement Session

Posted in: Couples/Engagements

It’s here! Vanessa and Tim’s engagement session! I was looking forward to this shoot so much! Want to know why? Because it wasn’t somewhere in nature! Vanessa and Tim wanted a more urban vibe! And it turned out so good! The Waterway made for the perfect backdrop!

Now don’t get me wrong nature is my favorite place to shoot. Give me all the fields, forests, creeks, etc. But as an artist I do like a change of pace and a chance to be creative! 

I love the variety of textures and backgrounds we were able to get at this session and we had so much fun walking around the water!

These two are high school sweet hearts and you can see just how much they love each other and lean on each other for support!Vanessa and Tim I can not wait to shoot your wedding next year!

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