June 29, 2020

Lognion Wedding at The Springs Event Venue- Wallisville

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The venue was cleared of guests. The bride emerged from the bridal sweet. The music started. The bride and her mom danced. This sweet moment before the wedding will be one I never forget.

Taylor wanted to make sure her mom felt appreciated for all she had done for her and planned and kept this dance just for her mom a secret until the moment it was happening!

Taylor and Ryder married on May 15. I’m saying this because Taylor wasn’t able to book with me until TWO WEEKS before the wedding due to Corona Virus! I don’t know how she did it because up until the last minute she didn’t even know if there would be any wedding! But the state opened up just in time and I am still just blown away on how all the vendors, family, and other guests made it all happen!

Some of my favorite moments where when Taylor and her mom shared a special moment when putting on her necklace, the groomsmen swinging and playing on the see-saw outside the venue, the fact that there Taylor wore TWO gorgeous dresses, and when Ryder told Taylor he now had papers on her like the dog!😂

Ryder and Taylor despite the rain, Corona Virus, and everything else your day was truly beautiful and so much fun! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!💕💍

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lognion!

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