November 21, 2019

Wijaya Family Session

Posted in: Family, Portrait Sessions

I’m in the forest with my husband (aka trusty assistant) waiting for my clients to arrive when all of the sudden I see two small sunflowers bouncing toward me! It was the little girl in my photo session for the day! She had the most adorable pigtails in! I quickly meet Marga, Johnny and Clyde. I looked down to find out that those sunflowers and pigtails belonged to Angie, who was now being super shy wrapped around her mom’s leg.

Now it did take some walking to a few locations around the forest and some convincing (with promises of ice cream after the session), but miss Angie CAME TO LIFE! The whole shoot went amazing and once she came out of her shell, I got the sweetest shots of Angie squeezing her brother. Clyde had fun seeing how far he could throw rocks into the water even shouting “Personal BEST!” when he threw one super far. These two kids made the whole session so much fun. They had such big personalities and we were all laughing at the goofy things they did! It didn’t hurt that it made for some great candid family moments I was able to capture!

Marga and Johnny, I had so much fun with you two! Angie and Clyde are such fun and lovable children! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture their big personalities and shots of the whole family for you to cherish forever.

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