March 2, 2020

Our First Valentine’s Day as a Married Couple ❤️

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Hi everyone! 

I know I’m late, but here’s my Valentine’s Day blog post! If you saw my Valentines Day Instagram/Facebook post you basically have already read this!

For those of you who don’t know! My husband is a High School Agriculture (Ag) Teacher. It’s not an easy job. 👨‍🏫
I know this because I was an Ag teacher. Being an Ag teacher means you don’t only have the responsibilities of normal teachers but you are also an FFA Advisor.
This means after your classroom duties you also have to train FFA teams, check on livestock, 🐮 and (in my husband’s case) make sure welding projects are staying on track so they are ready for show.👨🏻‍🏭
Right now is the crazy season for all Ag teachers. Show season. Most Ag teachers will at some point make their way from the Fort Worth Stock Show, to the San Antonio Livestock show, to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Then some may even have a county show to squeeze in. 
They may have to haul in animals or welding projects and sit in line for hours before they even get to the shows and between it all they still have to take their teams to contests. Some Ag teachers miss up to 30 Days of school just in the spring semester.🙃
I don’t believe I’m supposed to be an Ag teacher it wasn’t for me and it’s not for the faint of heart. But I believe it was God’s plan for me to teach Ag when I did so that I now know the exact stress and craziness of my husband’s job and can better support him and for that I am thankful. 💕
So here is us celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple yesterday!💍 We took these pictures of ourselves in our back yard and had the best day together before he’s back off to the stock shows this week!❤️

PS: We also made some of the BEST steaks ever! 

Our perfect self-photographed Valentine’s Day pictures. 💕

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